"Chip Wiegand" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I am setting up a web server to be co-located at my isp's office. I
> am setting up openssh for my connectivity to it. I have run
> ssh-keygen on it and now have the files identity, identity.pub and
> authorized_keys in the .ssh directory in my home directory. I have
> copied the file identity.pub to my w2k box and renamed it to
> identity.ppk (because that's what the WinSCP program wants). Is this
> okay to do? Can I now disable telnet and any other inetd services
> that may be running? Any other suggestions?

If you're logging in *from* the Windows box, you want the private key
on there, and the public one in authorized_keys on the machine you are
connecting *to*.

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