It's all working fine now. Downloaded Putty and ran puttygen (v.0.53b), creating a new 
key-pair. The other version of puttygen (v0.53) created a pair that didn't work. But 
now winscp and putty are both using rsa and pageant. It works great.
Thanks to everyone for the help.
Chip W
Simrad, Inc 

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> I tried changing permissions to
> 775 and 777 but still get denied errors.

Someone mentioned that you should test from the FreeBSD box. Did you
do that? What are the results?

What does the log say?
What do you get, if you start sshd in debug mode on another port?

> box.  I have commented out every line in inetd (they were by default
> anyway). Is that the same as disabling?

No, this way inetd is still running. Set inetd_enable="NO" in

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Chip Wiegand 

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