Philip M. Gollucci wrote:
John wrote:
I've been struggling to get a handle on the FreeBSD system.  Making good
progress, but then I ran into the fact that Firefox on FreeBSD can't do
flash.  Definite showstopper, for me.  Ok, then I tried to use the
linuxpluginwrapper approach, and it didn't work.

It made me recall, in reading up on FreeBSD, I did see where somebody
installed both Firefox and Linx-firefox.

So before I do battle with this Linux wrapper approach, I wondered if I
would be better off simply installing the Linux-firefox?

Is that easier?  More likely to work?

That will work just fine using flash7.  When you need flash9, thats a
different story.

works on 6.2, 6.3, 7.0-current, 7.0-betaX, and 8.0-current.

Flash 9 alway causes segfault when displaying flash movie in my linux-firefox. So what am I doing wrong.
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