There's a thread on the -stable list about 8 cores being an issue in a very specific case. I couldn't imagine setting j to something more than 2x or 3x at the most of your available cores.


On Tue, 27 Nov 2007, Aryeh M. Friedman wrote:

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Brian wrote:
Isn't 1000 an unrealistically high value?

For the next few years maybe but with core counts going up I can
easily see a 512 or 1024 core machine by say 2015.. i.e. Moore's law
may not apply to single tasking chips any mores but it seems to be in
full force for multi-core ones... this brings me to why I tried it in
the first place I was exploring weither or not FreeBSD was ready for
this kind of core count (specifically the idea of a multitasking OS
scheduling by allocating one process per core for core counts greater
then say 64)... I am in the process of considering the design
requirements for a OS I plan to do from the ground up and like to know
the limits of current ones.

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