> I have seen things like this that are not software related at all but due to
> a faulty power supply.
        Two second story about faulty power supplies.

        We had someone integrating machines for us, and we would test them 
over the net. Our test was to compile perl. (Don't ask me why...). We had
a pre configured perl package they'd load that we'd type "make test" and 
when it passed, we'd approve the machine (Along with alot of other checks).
One time all of a sudden in the middle of the compile it errors off. I
don't remember the error. I figure we had a bad set of code, so tried it
again. Same result. Rebuilt the machine with all new parts except the 
chassis, same results, same point, same error. Swapped the power supply, 
compiled fine!  

        Next system, same problem. Asked them if they re-used the old power
supply, and they had. Told them to charge me for the supply and throw it 
away. Never had an issue like that before.

        So, as weird as it might be, power supplies can do strange things to
a machine!

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