Sup guys. Hope you all had a new year.

I have an old G4 lying about, its got 256mb ram, 733mhz processor. I was
wondering, would it be worth setting up the PPC version of FreeBSD (or maybe
even OpenBSD, although thats for their mailing list) on it to use as a web
server or testing box.

The most i'd do on it is probably use it as a testing box to create server
applications using C++. Id like ot work within a BSD enviroment because
thats what ive been using for a long time now, but i dont want all the extra
windows crap you get with OSX, id much rather work with command line. I
havn't got an old PC lying about, and because of university i need to keep
my PC intact with XP (assignments, research ect.).

Before i end the toipic, anyone got any feeback on the Asus Eee (mini
laptops) with FreeBSD?

Im open to any feedback.

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