On Fri, 4 Jan 2008, David Reedy Jr wrote:

I'm very new to FreeBSD, just installed it for the first time maybe a week ago. I've redone it several times since, so feel comfortable in the VERY basics.

Cool. Welcome!

Also, I've noticed that some of the port versions on this site are a little newer that in my 6.2 release. Will I have problems installing these instead?

The ports shown on the site are sometimes newer because the ported software has changed, and the port updated, since 6.2 was released.

Two ports I install on a new machine, before just about anything else, are sysutils/fastest_cvsup [1] and ports-mgmt/portupgrade. With portupgrade, I can use csup to get my ports up-to-date before installing anything else. That way I'll get the latest, or nearly so, version of apache or whatever.

[1] You'll see this notation a lot on this list. sysutils/fastest_cvsup means that you would do your 'make install' in /usr/ports/sysutils/fastest_cvsup.

To answer the question, you may or may not have problems depending on the specific port. For 6.2-RELEASE, I would guess that you're OK since it's relatively recent. But the more time passes, the fewer ports will install properly. I would suggest you get acquainted with port (and system) updating procedures early on; it will save you grief down the road. Now seems like a good time, since you have a new system with (presumably) nothing important on it yet.


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