On 2008-01-04 09:59, Paul Schmehl <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I figure if anyone knows the answer to this off the top of their head,
> Matthew will.

I'm sure Matthew knows the answer, but you should use a more relevant
subject.  This way the archived posts will be more useful to future

> I've been reading the man pages for du and df, but I can't find the right
> combination.  I'd like to get the type of output that df -h gives you but
> only for one mount point or even one directory.  Is there a tool that can
> do that? (IOW, I'd like to run du -h but only get the totals for
> directories.)

Use the -s option of the `du' utility:

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/home/keramida$ du -sk tmp/emacs-src
187436  tmp/emacs-src
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/home/keramida$ du -sh tmp/emacs-src
183M    tmp/emacs-src
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/home/keramida$

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