On 23/01/2008, Shawn Barnhart <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> My primary FreeBSD box is a Dual P3 700 Mhz, which is dandy for my
> console mode server usage but kind of blows for buildworld and kernels
> when I want them done a timely fashion.  I'd like to do it in a
> dual-proc VM on my quad core workstation, where it gets done a lot faster.
> Is there any documentation for doing buildworld on a faster system for a
> slower system?  Can I just mount the slow system's /usr/src on a
> mountpoint on the faster system, do the buildworld and buildkernel, and
> then run the installworld and installkernel as per normal on the slow
> system?  It sounds too easy, so it probably is..

It is /usr/obj you want to mount across, though it
will work.  Assuming they're similar enough
versions.  Also assure yourself that their respective
/etc/make.conf (and/or /etc/src.conf) files are
essentially identical, or you will great sorrows

If /usr/obj is nfs mounted on the _build_ machine
it will slow down your build times absurdly, unless
your network (minus overhead) is nearly as fast as
your HDD controller.

> What about ports?  I can usually tolerate the ports build times, so its
> not a big deal, although sometimes the dependencies and larger packages
> can be toe-tappers as well.

Sure, just use the package-recursive target and use
pkg_add on the install machine(1).

(1) details elided

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