It is /usr/obj you want to mount across, though it
will work.  Assuming they're similar enough
versions.  Also assure yourself that their respective
/etc/make.conf (and/or /etc/src.conf) files are
essentially identical, or you will great sorrows

I'm not that much of a system hacker, so I doubt either will get edited. I don't even have a src.conf on my 6_STABLE system, but regardless, it won't be an issue to keep them in sync.

If /usr/obj is nfs mounted on the _build_ machine
it will slow down your build times absurdly, unless
your network (minus overhead) is nearly as fast as
your HDD controller.

It's gigabit, so it'd be about as good as it can get. It sounds like the thing to do is just do the builds on the fast machine, and then mount THAT machine's /usr/src and /usr/obj on the slow machine when it comes time to installworld.

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