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> > In any case, I suppose the OP could just use a floppy
> > boot disk, like slackware's:
> > 
> http://slackware.mirrors.easynews.com/linux/slackware/slackware/is
> olinux/sbootmgr/
> > http://tinyurl.com/2evgaa
> > Which should bypass any (most) moronic bioses.
> >
> any. i use bootable CD for this. very easy to create, and you can fit 
> whole /boot easily.
> FreeBSD can use any IDE drive on any IDE controller,

This isn't true.  FreeBSD cannot use the CMD640 controller, as
that controller has a hardware bug that will corrupt the filesystem.
Unfortunately that controller was popular on Pentium 75/90/100 
motherboards.  The old wd disk driver contained a workaround for
this bug but the workaround was never carried forward into the
ata driver.

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