I've been reading over my library of FreeBSD books, which I may add is
impressive due to me buying EVERY book available on Freebsdmall and also
buying the PowerPak to make sure my Library is complete, and also I've
been reading the freebsd.org docs because I'm working on getting an
upgrade to work properly.

Here is what happened:

I did as the website said and changed the cvsup example file which is
the one I'm using, to a FreeBSD cvsup server, left most of it alone,
because I wanted to use most packages, so I wanted basically every app
available, and when rebooting, after doing this:

# make buildworld
# make buildkernel
# make installkernel
# reboot

I booted in single user mode and tried this:

# mergemaster -p
# make installworld
# mergemaster
# reboot

Now, this wouldn't work for some reason or another, but the system
seemed to be doing just fine. I did uname -a and sure enough I had 
6.3 Stable going. However, when typing kdm to load up that so I can 
use a gui, it no longer loads, at all, it pops up for a split second to 
just stop totally, and then gives me a message about the hostname.

I thought it was odd, and XDM actually loads, but won't load X 
itself as it too goes out with errors about hostname.

I don't have the exact message which I know is bad form on my part,
but I decided to just try updating again as I was kind of wondering what 
RELEASE is like instead of stable.

This is perfectly fine because the machine is NOT used as a server
really, and is mainly for me to test out stuff and use FreeBSD more
so I'm not worried about it breaking, or reinstalling the OS,
it's no big deal, my reaqson for doing this the first time
was mainly because pkg_add -r wouldn't work,
I have 6.0 on the CDs I bought from the mall site,
and I also have another 6.0 install disk as I bought a second copy,
may seem odd but I like having more than one on CD
(or in thie case 4 copies) but I like to help support the BSD people,
so I do it.

Anyway, does anyone have any idea? I'm using the web site for docs as 
my books seem to have different instructions all together which is odd 
but I also know that books coming up vs software coming out, you 
can't really keep books coming out at the same rate, so I decided to 
use the web docs for something like this to have more up to date info, 
so here it is since this message si looking rather sloppy:

--I have install disks for FreeBSD 6.0

-- I don't mind reinstalling but would rather fix it and learn how

-- I'm currently running an update again with 
cvsup as it says this is a better choice and option

--I'm not a Unix wizard but I DO know enough to get around and dream 
of one day being a Unix hacker, that's a dream for now though, 
I came from using Windows and Linux, and still use both heh

--IF I've borked up the system bad enough that a reinstall is the 
best option I really don't mind, I'd just like to know how to
at least prevent this from happening again so I can stay up to date
in FreeBSD

I followed the instructions pretty much to the letter here:

The system has nothing really important on it yet as I set it up to
learn more with so I can start using FreeBSD the way I do Linux, as a
desktop to do my work and tests on.

Thanks very much, and as I said, if I really screwed up or something,
I can just reinstall.

also, one more thing:

Does anyone know how to make pkg_add -r package work again in a fresh 
install of FreeBSD 6.0? When I ran it after the install to grab 
something it said it didn't work and couldn't be found, and so I 
decided to investigate and found the reason to be the host it 
looks up is no longer there, so I just went to Freebsd.org and 
looked and found the server was renamed since 6.0 was released, and 
so I just updated everything for it to work better.

Also, one last question:

I've been looking on FreeBSD.org but I don't fnid anything about this, 
but when did FreeBSD go from .tgz files to .tbz? I'm just wondering 
what happened as I thought it was atypo at first and realized every 
one of my books said .tbz and so did my screen heh. 
Any info on that would be neat too :)

Thanks VERY much!


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