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Is there a tutorial on how to configure compiz fusion on FBSD 6.3 / gnome or fluxbox.

1. Use the port/package.
2. Every now and then I see messages fly by in which you can find
   exactly which flags/options to use.
3. You are right, there should be documentation...


P.S. I found this stashed in a folder meant for future reference:

> Assuming you have already setup you X server for composite, to run
> compiz-fusion enter these commands:
> (as normal user)
> compiz --replace --sm-disable --ignore-dekstop-hints ccp &
> emerald --replace &

Credits to Manolis Kiagias :-)
Never thought this was such a sought-after feature :)

Anyway, here is a quick article I just wrote:


Your feedback is welcome.


I have it working now but there are two issues that I seem not to be able to solve. First compiz will start when x starts but emerald won't start and I get no window borders and can't move them. Solution is to open the terminal window and run emerald --replace &. Second issue is with compiz, I open ccsm to configure my 3d effects but they won't get saved, it will let me select them or unselect them but once I close ccsm and run it again every change is gone and the defaults are back. Any Ideas? Do the users have to be members of a special group?

I run compiz by hand, I don't need it on all the time. I will investigate these and get back to you.

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