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On Tuesday 05 February 2008 01:39:07 Manolis Kiagias wrote:
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Manolis Kiagias wrote:
Alphons "Fonz" van Werven wrote:
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Is there a tutorial on how to configure compiz fusion on FBSD 6.3 /
gnome or fluxbox.
1. Use the port/package.
2. Every now and then I see messages fly by in which you can find
   exactly which flags/options to use.
3. You are right, there should be documentation...


P.S. I found this stashed in a folder meant for future reference:
Assuming you have already setup you X server for composite, to run
compiz-fusion enter these commands:

(as normal user)

compiz --replace --sm-disable --ignore-dekstop-hints ccp &
emerald --replace &
Credits to Manolis Kiagias :-)
Never thought this was such a sought-after feature :)

Anyway, here is a quick article I just wrote:


Your feedback is welcome.

I have it working now but there are two issues that I seem not to be
able to solve.  First compiz will start when x starts but emerald
won't start and I get no window borders and can't move them.  Solution
is to open the terminal window and run emerald --replace &.  Second
issue is with compiz, I open ccsm to configure my 3d effects but they
won't get saved, it will let me select them or unselect them but once
I close ccsm and run it again every change is gone and the defaults
are back.  Any Ideas?  Do the users have to be members of a special
I run compiz by hand, I don't need it on all the time. I will
investigate these and get back to you.

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I found what the problem was under KDE, in your tutorial you tell us to run these commands as a regular user:

compiz --replace --sm-disable --ignore-desktop-hints ccp
emerald --replace

I found that both of these commands need a & sign at the end of each of these commands, which will look like this:

compiz --replace --sm-disable --ignore-desktop-hints ccp &
emerald --replace &

once you run them like this, KDE will stop acting weird and starts functioning correctly. Now when you restart kde it no longer starts compiz automatically and you will get all the window borders and you are able to save the settings using ccsm.

Which is not the case when running gnome. Once you run these commands, compiz will work normally just like in KDE but it won't let you save any settings, another words if you run ccsm it won't let you select or unselect any plugins. Compiz command might be a little different for gnome. Gnome will also complain if you run these commands without installing /usr/ports/x11-themes/ubuntulooks first, once you install this it will stop complainning. I will try to find out why I can't use ccsm and if I find out I will let you know.
I don't know about KDE, but I am using compiz-fusion (manually) in gnome without having installed ubuntulooks. Thanks for your investigation and feedback. If you come up with a complete set of settings, I will update the article.

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