Tuc wrote:
Try dell. Inspiron 8200 seems great. Of course you must be careful with the
hardware, but for me there is another important feature that I take care
every time I buy a laptop: keyboard. Today, there is a annoying tendency to
put unuseful keyboards on laptops.
Inspirons 8200 are great, but they weigh so much. If you are going to use it
at your work maybe you don't mind that the laptop weigh four-five kg.

Are all it's devices (screen network, modem et all) well supported under

I have had an 8200 since April last year, hard drive went on it
last week so I had to re-install 4.7 from scratch. I use the built in ethernet
(xl0) and have used the docking station ethernet (xl1). I didn't get the built in modem, since it was a WINMODEM. I mistakenly bought a Cardbus PCMCIA modem, so I couldn't use that. I ended up with an IBM X-jack PCMCIA
from my old Thinkpad. I got it with the NVIDIA GeForce4 440 Go card in it.
The first incarnation I used the "nv" drivers, this time around I'm using the
Nvidia supplied drivers. I'm running in 1400x1050 with 122 pixel clock,
64.89 H sync, 59.98 V sync.

I use a Dell Latitude C840 that works great.
All I had to do to get everything working was to install the nVidia drivers.
X looks great, I have sound, and I can use the docking station without problems. I have not tried the built-in modem since I only use ethernet, but if you want to make sure I can give it a try and let you know what happens.


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