On Sunday 09 February 2003 19:15, Mike Meyer wrote:
> You can get everything to build with debug symbols by adding
> "CFLAGS=-g" to /etc/make.conf. However, the system will strip the
> binaries when it installs them. You could probably get the
> non-stripped version installed if you really wanted to, but I'd
> recommend not doing that, and just using the version in /usr/obj,
> which shouldn't be stripped, for debugging.

Why shouldn't I do this? Is it just because debug binaries are bigger or run 
slower? If so, that's not a problem for me, I have a fast processor and a lot 
of memory.

> Segmentation faults are pretty rare on all my systems, unless it's
> code that is under active development. Are you sure it's not flaky
> hardware? Note that not having problems under another OS is *not* a
> sign that the hardware isn't flaky.

I have always suspected the hardware because on my old computer, everything 
worked. But how do I see what the problem really is?


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