On Wednesday 12 February 2003 11:17, Daxbert wrote:

> One option... cheat
> Make your dns server authoritative
> for doubleclick.net, and have no entries
> (or optionally your own web server as an * entry)
> in the zone file.

So, would that mean I should create an entry in named.conf like:

zone "doubleclick.net" {
        type master;
        file "doubleclick.net";

and then don't have a doubleclick.net ... or should I create an empty file? 
... or?

> named stores it's cache in memory. You can get a dump
> of the current cache.. don't remember the exact syntax
> but it's in the man page.

Hmm, so every time I reboot I loose my cache? But still, if I visit eg. 
<http://www.politiken.dk> and wait untill it's loaded (ie. finished resolving 
doubleclick.net) and then hit reload it ought to go a lot quicker. But it 
doesn't, takes just as long. :-/

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