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I have just completed an article (mostly how-to) for implementing UFS journaling on a typical desktop PC:

It focuses on detailing an easy to follow, repeatable procedure, to install FreeBSD on a typical PC and enable journaling on /usr and possibly /var.
I am using this same procedure on my systems.

I welcome all feedback, please send me any comments, suggestions and corrections.
Nice work like the other one! I won't have time till Monday, but I'd be more then happy to review and commit this article if you can send me the sources.

Gábor Kövesdán
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The man page for gjournal does not say what unit to use when specifying the journal size with the -s option. Sectors? GB? Anything else? Or is there a default (say sectors) that can be changed by using a suffix, like -s 10G?
You are right, although it does say the default is 1Gb.
However the jsize option is only available when both data journal are stored on the same provider, and the article does not deal with this, as it uses separate providers for data and journal. I could give this a try on my virtual setup and see what kind of unit is used.
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I'm considering using such a setup. And if I decide to give it a go, I'll have to backup, boot from a custom CD I made, make the changes to the disks and restore the backup. Considering that, trying out what unit is used, should only take a fraction of the total time, and it doesn't really scare me to try it. :) I realize my question went to the wrong person, but I simply replied to the mail. My apologies.



Rolf Nielsen
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