On 2003-02-12 23:41, Mark <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Although I almost always communicate with my server (FreeBSD 4.7R)
> via SecureCRT, esecially since it, apart from being secure, has such
> a nice way to layout my screen-fonts and such, I do, however, from
> time to time have access the server directly, via its own monitor
> (for going into single-user mode and such).
> I was just wondering whether I can tweak the terminal settings a
> bit. I mean, so as to have a text-screen a bit wider than 80x25. :)

When you are in single-user mode there is only one filesystem, the
root filesystem, and that is mounted read-only.  Some additional
things have to be done before you can use vidcontrol(1) to change the
default video mode.  For instance, to run mergemaster in 132x25 after
an upgrade, I usually run the following in single user mode:

        # adjkerntz -i
        # swapon -a
        # fsck -p
        # mount -vu /
        # mount -va
        # vidcontrol -f grfixed-8x16.fnt -c destructive 132x25
        # kbdcontrol -l mykeymap.map -r 200.35

The final two commands are the ones that set up things for the console
terminal.  Then my keyboard uses a relatively fast repeat rate that
makes things easier for me to type, and the 'window' has 132 columns.
This way, I can run mergemaster with:

        # mergemaster -w 132

which is a lot more comfortable for me, especially for viewing the
side-by-side diffs printed while merging local changes :)

I hope this helps a bit,

- Giorgos

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