In the last episode (Feb 12), Mark said:
> Although I almost always communicate with my server (FreeBSD 4.7R)
> via SecureCRT, esecially since it, apart from being secure, has such
> a nice way to layout my screen-fonts and such, I do, however, from
> time to time have access the server directly, via its own monitor
> (for going into single-user mode and such).
> I was just wondering whether I can tweak the terminal settings a bit.
> I mean, so as to have a text-screen a bit wider than 80x25. :) I have
> no X graphical interface installed; just text.

The vidcontrol command will let you switch the number of columns to 80,
90 (with the VGA_WIDTH90 kernel option), or 143 (with VESA), and the
number of rows to 25, 30, 43, 50, or 60 (depending on the fonts you
have loaded).  See the vidcontrol manpage for info.

        Dan Nelson

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