> > > What is the best way to have a list that only certain users are able to 
> > > send to?
> > 
> > 
> > That sounds like you're getting into a full blown mailing0list package.  I 
> > set up the "minimalist" port for a small list last year.  Small & very easy 
> > to config.  I think it has the restriction you want.
> > 
> >   -R
> The majordomo and mailman were a bit more than what I was looking for.  The 
> minimalist port does look like it does exactly what I'm looking for, but I'm 
> having an issue getting it configured.
> My minimalist port seems to have been installed in 
> '/usr/local/share/minimalist' and the config file appears to be in 
> '/usr/local/etc/minimalist.conf'.  All files are under the '/usr/local/share' 
> folder except the minimalist.conf in '/usr/local/etc'
> I have set the directory directive to '/usr/local/share/minimalist' in the 
> '/usr/local/etc/minimalist.conf' and created my list directories under there, 
> but I am not able to see it when I send 'info' message to '[EMAIL PROTECTED]'.
> reply from server for email with 'info' as subject:
> These are the mailing lists available at email.domain.com:
> -- 
> Sincerely, the Minimalist
> under /usr/local/share/minimalist:
> My list.lst file has:
> farm        The Farm mailing list.
> south        Mailing list for Southern area.
> I have the farm and south directories with a very short list file:
> list:
> my /usr/local/etc/minimalist.conf (only non-commented lines)
> minimalist.conf
> directory = /usr/local/share/minimalist
> password = 12345
> auth = mailfrom [EMAIL PROTECTED]:@/usr/local/etc/mml.trusted
> Any ideas where I might be going wrong?  The mechanism seems to be working, 
> as I can send messages to 'minimalist' and get info, but its not seeing my 
> lists.
> Thanks

the problem was:
the auth = mailfrom .... line was in the global config, and that needed to be 
in the directory for the list.
I commented the auth line out of the 'global config' 
/usr/local/etc/minimalist.conf and added it to the file 'config' under the 
'farm' directory.

yay it works now.
thanks rob for pointing me at minimalist.

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