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> Hi all, I've got an older Solaris system running Sendmail for my
> mail server right now.  It's about time to replace it, and I'm
> thinking FreeBSD might be the best choice of OS for the replacement.
> However, it's been some time since I looked into options for mail
> servers.  I'm interested in both suggestions for hardware and mail
> servers that would make for the best FreeBSD based mail server.
> I've only got about two dozen users, though they are all very heavy
> users of email.  I'm using IMAP, and I'd like to continue to do so.
> Finally, we have quite a few aliases I'd want to port over to a
> new server.
I like Exim + Dovecot with their flexibilities in configurations, security
and proven performance. Exim is so flexible and the configuration "language"
quite extensible you'll love it:-)
In terms of hardware, any decent workstation-grade hardware will do: For
example, I've managed to support over 200 users on an HP DC7800 with 4GB of
RAM. This same box runs Clamav and SpamAssassin both for filtering mmalware
and spam. It's a DB server, Web server, firewall/router.
Users do POP3 mostly but I surely believe with some good disks, IMAP should
not be such a problem with Dovecot.

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