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Patrick Baldwin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Hi all, I've got an older Solaris system running Sendmail for my
mail server right now.  It's about time to replace it, and I'm
thinking FreeBSD might be the best choice of OS for the replacement.

I am currently using a 2U server from abmx.com for my mail server. It has a quad processor in it and it runs sendmail, dspam, tmda, clamav, and some local stuff in addition to a number of other functions not related to mail. It was cheaper than the equivalent DELL servers and it appears to be all top of the line components. It serves several thousand users, many of which receive a lot of mail (I suspect much of it is spam). load averages: 0.17, 0.43, 0.35. Those are typical. You may not need that much horsepower, by my servers are quite a way from me and there is no one there most of the time. _______________________________________________
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