I'm running FreeBSD 4.7-RC on an Athlon system that serves as our office fileserver (it has a Promise IDE RAID card and two mirrored 1-month old 40GB drives). I'm having some filesystem problems that fsck doesn't seem to fix. There is something going wrong with /dev/ar0s1g (my /usr slice).

If left alone, with little activity, the machine seems to do OK. I can cause it to crash at any time, however, but doing something like running cvsup or trying to upgrade a big port. It crashes and dumps me into single-user mode to "run fsck manually."

I've been running fsck repeatedly. Each time I run it, it finds problems with the /dev/ar0s1g slice. I can answer "Yes" to the recovery questions (or "No" for that matter) and reboot, but I can always crash the system again. I can even run fsck serveral times in a row and it reports problems (different inode numbers) each time.

There are a few other problems the system is having (SSH, cups, and nmbd), but I suspect they're related to this disk issue. I've tried updating to 4.7-STABLE, but the filesystem locks up before I can get through it.

Any thoughts (besides re-formatting, which I may do next week)?


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