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Maybe everyone should make their own and use it.
FreeBSD is a user created Open Software project after all.

I used to have a "Powered by FreeBSD" button with the BSDie on a mailing list server that I'd set up for the PTA for my daughter's school in Texas. I figured that I could handle any complaints or questions that I got about it.

But then I heard one of the teachers explain to other staff that if she ever was shopping and the final price of items totaled up to $6.66 she would make sure to add another item so that she wouldn't have to be part of a transaction involving 666. (I guess she never would have been a customer of Demon Internet in the UK which started out with the telephone prefix for their dial-up pool being 666).

At that point, I decided that my problem wouldn't be with responding to complaints and queries, but the problem would be with the people who never complained directly to me, but who shunned the service or complained about me. So now there is just a text link without the button. Whether you want to call this self-censorship or not, I think that I made the right decision. In the same way that when I volunteer at the school, I don't where controversial T-Shirts. (Though who would have thought that my "Friends don't let friends use Windows" shirt would cause complaints!)

So I agree with your point. If you like the old BSDie, use it. If you like the new logo, use that. If you want something else, you are free to roll your own.



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