I've been using IPv6 on my FreeBSD-7 host for quite some time. My IPv6 router is a different machine, so the FreeBSD server is just a regular host on the network.

This morning I discovered that I couldn't pass packets to hosts outside my LAN from FreeBSD, although an OS X host on the same LAN had no problems pinging www.kame.net.

I had this in my /etc/rc.conf:

ipv6_ifconfig_fxp0="2001:470:a80a:1:2d0:b7ff:fe0e:3a4a prefixlen 64"

Whenever I'd try to ping6 my local router, I'd get:

    ping6: UDP connect: Network is unreachable

Also, the routing table seemed a bit screwy and was sending everything to lo0:

    $ netstat -nr -f inet6
default fe80::213:10ff:fe79:137a UGS lo0

I found two workarounds:




I'm leaning slightly toward the latter, as it still uses the guaranteed-configured link local addresses, but the latter works OK too (although it didn't when I originally configured this many months ago, which is why I was using link local routing in the first place).

So, I'm not too sure which is right or wrong, but I definitely know that something has changed recently. Consider this a heads-up if you want.

Kirk Strauser
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