FreeBSD Questions wrote:
And what about "Absolute FreeBSD"?  It's updated for FreeBSD 7, so I
know it's current.  Is it a "good book"?  Is it worth the read?  How
valuable is its content?  (I know I'm asking some very subjective
questions, but if I'm going to spend hundreds of $$$ to build my
library in this area, I'd like at least a couple of opinions about the
books I buy.)

Absolute FreeBSD is an excellent book, a must have if you ask me.
Excellent tips, very good explanation of how things work, relaxed and easy writing style. You will get a lot out of this book. (Note: it is concentrated on server tasks, you will not get any "X" tips from it)

Personally, I don't think I'd ever buy "The FreeBSD Handbook".  It's a
really good resource, but as long as it's actively updated
electronically it's too dynamic to buy a hardcopy.  I'd much rather
read it online where I can get the latest revisions.


True, the handbook is under constant development - and it should be, to match the system I have a printed version, and it is outdated in several sections. I find hardcopies easier to read though.

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