On Friday 25 July 2008, tethys ocean wrote:
> I ve got 6.3 stable database server.  Can i directly upgrade my server
> from 6.3 to 7.0

Sure. Be prepared to rebuild and/or reinstall all your ports/packages and 
follow the other guidelines in src/UPDATING and other documentation.

> *default release=cvs tag=RELENG_6

That's 6-STABLE..

> *default release=cvs tag=.

..and that's 8-CURRENT. You probably want tag=RELENG_7 (7.0-STABLE) or 
RELENG_7_0 (7.0-RELEASE + security fixes).

> and also may i add ZFS to my server if such kind of update succsessfull. 
> is it possible or not and advantage and disadvantage.

Since ZFS in FreeBSD is still experimental you should do a lot of testing 
and otherwise keep that in mind. For many loads and with the right tuning 
(see the wiki) it works fine. Advantages and disadvantages are many but a 
useful response depends on your goals. Why do you think ZFS would be a good 
thing for this server?

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