On Sat, Jul 26, 2008 at 05:31:23PM -0000, DSA - JCR wrote:
>> Hi all
>> FreeBSD 6.2
>> I would like to put a password when booting/mounting mi Freebsd box. is
it possible? How?
>Yes. Use geli(8) encryption.
>> is for protecting the system from unauthorized users
>Disk encryption also protects your data if the PC or harddrive is stolen.

Yes, I had thinking of Geli, but my system is up and running and I don't
know if I can use geli for this without breaking all
I have used geli for unused disks and for swap but not for root, because i
dont know if I will break all....

can I use it for root, when it is a live system?

Of course i don't think in methods like BIOS because simply taking the
battery out can reset all.

Juan Coruña
Desarrollo de Software Atlantico

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