Hi, list!

I have a private home network, on an ADSL2+ connection to the
internet. The home network is behind NAT, all automatically set up
by the router/dhcp server/wlan access point/adsl modem that I got
from my ISP. It's a Thomson SpeedTouch 585 router.

Now, on this network, most of the computers get their IP by means of
DHCP. Except our home audio server, which have a hard coded ip
address in rc.conf, set to something within the range of the dhcp
server ( The server seems to pick this up, and
don't give that address away to someone else.

I've tried using other addresses outside this range, like,
but that doesn't work. All network access is lost when I do that.

Now, on my local network I'd like to put a diskless machine. As I
understand it, my DHCP server needs to tell the client about the
"filename" and a "next-server" to use. I don't think I can setup the
Thomson router to do this. All the instruction I can find online
advises me to install a DHCP server on the same machine that serves
the pxe boot image. But if I do that, I'll get two DHCP servers on
my local network. Is that ok? Will there be a race condition, when a
client asks for an IP address?

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