Hi Derek,

As mentioned in my post, I have configured the Adaptec BIOS (SCSIselect/HostRAID) to create a RAID0 array.

The GENERIC Kernel natively-uses the 'ahd' adapter for this card, http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/man.cgi?query=ahd&sektion=4&manpath=FreeBSD+7.0-RELEASE

dmesg does not post any errors, it recognised the card as ahd0, and states that da0 & da1 are on that bus. I can not post the dmesg as the NIC adapter needs to be patched once the OS is installed. I could find a USB key and copy it over if you like, but there are no errors to consider.


Derek Ragona wrote:
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Hi all,

I am fighting the following hardware:

MB: ASUS p5b-plus (NON vista edition)
Cpu: Core 2 duo 4600
SCSI Card: Adaptec 39320 (Unused Dell OEM bought from ebay)
HDDs: 2xSeagate Cheetah 73.4 GB Ultra320 SCSI (posibly Dell OEM)

Nb. The MB does not support PCI-X, but is backwards compatible to a standard PCI slot. On recommendations I have limited the throughput on the channels to 160mb.

If you think any other pieces relevant let me know.

I think this is probably just an issue with my not knowing wtf I'm doing, but to be optimistic lets assume the ahd module worked as there are no errors in dmesg; which device do I install to? I can not see see ahd0 in fdisk.

There are alot of posts over the years reporting trouble with the Dell(Adaptec/Seagate) combiniation. The funny thing is that I am having none of these troubles; There are no panics, no dumps and no lengthy pauses. It all seems fine, until I try to select the disk to install to and I only have da0 or da1.

Thanks for your time

Have you defined an array?

If you create the array in the adaptec BIOS you will see one large hard disk in FreeBSD. If you do not define an array in the adaptec BIOS you will see the individual SCSI drives as da0, da1, etc.

The GENERIC kernel has all the typical SCSI and RAID adapters compiled in, so look at the dmesg output when you boot FreeBSD.


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