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Matthew Seaman schrieb:

 > If you're using sendmail as your MTA, then look at
 > implementing the following features in your $(hostname).mc:

Would that mean a file called
in my case? Since I get
    # hostname
or do I leave away the .net ?

It's shorthand for 'whatever you call the .mc file you generate your from.'  By default on FreeBSD it's named according to
what the hostname(1) command outputs, which should be the fully qualified 
domain name of your machine (ie.  You can create the
initial copies of the files by:

  # cd /etc/mail
  # make

which will create files and
and then process those respectively into and

Edit to make any changes you want, then type 'make'
to rebuild and then 'make install restart' to
copy to (amongst other actiosn) and restart sendmail. In general, whenever you do anything to sendmail related config files including stuff like aliases and access and virtusertable, run
just run make to publish it to the running sendmail process -- you only need
'make install restart' when you modify one of the .cf files.



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