this all on a 7.0 freebsd system.

Dump/Restore do NOT work as indicated in the handbook (or man pages). It would be better to remove information from the handbook rather then have information that doesn't work.

I needed to increase the size of my freebsd root (/). I booted, single user, attached a large usb freebsd formatted file system to receive the backup image. I ran:

   dump -0af /mnt/d201gly-0.dump /

it ran with no complaints and an image was left on the large usb file system (d201gly-0.dump).

I then booted off the livefs cdrom, went to the "Fix-it" from livefs.

I ran fdisk to setup a pc partition for freebsd owning the entire disk.
I ran disklabel to setup and define the swap and 'a' root partition.
I ran disklabel to install boot blocks.
I ran newfs on this new 'a' partition.
I ran fsck and mount on the new 'a' partition placing it at /mnt/root.
I turned on the large usb drive, fsck'ed it and mounted it on /mnt/restore.
I cd into /mnt/root and run:

   restore -rf /mnt/restore/d201gly-0.dump

it complains about '/' issues
it complains about 'expecting YYYYYY got ZZZZZZ'

after an hour it completes and NO data file were restored. It did recreate the directory structure but NOT A SINGLE FILE came back. I've studied the man pages and have no clue how to rectify this. after re-reading the handbook on backup basics, I'm sure that anyone using them will loose everything. They are simply useless. take them offline.

This is not something a user can "practice", as most (I) don't have duplicate hardware of everything to try dump/restore methods and find out they don't work.

what went wrong?  how do i get my system back?


I've been running freebsd since 2.1 and am beginning to see that unix and freebsd are at the end of their life. they are just tooo arcane for day-to-day use, which was why i used them in the last place. all the gui glue won't fix the broken 'flag' ridden ancient (like me) beast.

this is like the 5th thing that I've followed in the handbook that no longer works, takes weeks to figure out why and get done. things that should take minutes take hours, weeks, days, months, years. we have made NO progress in computing environments. it's so discouraging that there is zero innovation in an industry that had such high expectations and potential.

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