>     dump -0af /mnt/d201gly-0.dump /


>     restore -rf /mnt/restore/d201gly-0.dump
> it complains about '/' issues
> it complains about 'expecting YYYYYY got ZZZZZZ'

I very rarely use dump/restore, but based on the man page I cannot see
what's wrong other than the live fs issue already mentioned.

Since no one has suggested the real problem, I would like to suggest
that all those 'expecting ...' are also related to whatever errors
were printed at the very beginning. So an actual dump of the exact
output there would be useful.

FWIW, for doing stuff like moving the root fs (which I have done more
often than I would like) I recommend using tar -cp or rsync -a. I
preserves everything I care about preserving, and it has well-known
and well-tested semantics that I feel comfortable with.

/ Peter Schuller

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