Chad Marshall wrote:
Here's what I said to the last guy who says my skin is thin, just leave well enough alone and drop it please. Seems your skin is thin as well if you can't handle a little back talk :)

Well, I can always except critism. The problem is that I don't need rude responses for something I thought would be something to share for your organization, a success story of FreeBSD. Only for people to call me lazy and say "Big Deal". If it's not a big deal, than say nothing. Maybe you should put someone in charge of answering emails who aren't cocky and smug, some responses were nice and at least supportive.

I still believe in FreeBSD and it's a great OS. It's the nix I started and learned with but I think your community is full of conceited, pompous asses, the reason I don't like to associate with IT people. I'd rather not give money to someone who has to insult me. If you go to a restaurant and you get a rude waiter, what do you do? I don't go back or give them a crap tip.

Godwin's Law will be invoked soon...  :)'s_law
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