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|Manish Jain <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
|> I am poor at networking and need a little bit of help. My dad has a
|> Windows 2000 machine with a network card but does not have a connection
|> to the internet.
|When I started writing this, I thought that system had been abandoned
|already, but it appears Microsoft will offer a measure of support
|through next year sometime.  Do see that the system gets properly
|updated before you put it on the net.

Important advice.

I also run Windows 2000 on my home PCs (the ones that are still in the Windows 
world).    Security updates are still being offered by Microsoft (through next 
June, I believe).

It is important to bring your Dad's install of Windows 2000 up to the current 
patch level.  A visit to Windows Update will do the trick for the Windows 
software.   Other things (e.g., Adobe's Flash, Acrobat reader, etc.) may also 
need a version refresh to be safe for the 'Net.

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