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> You might want to talk to the author of this:
> http://www.bsdcan.org/2007/schedule/events/6.en.html
> "Reflections on Building a High-performance Computing
> Cluster Using
> FreeBSD" by Brooks Davis.

>From what i have read, Matt Olander and Brooks Davis are the foremost experts 
>at cluster building on FreeBSD. However i believe a document needs to be 
>written explaining in detailed steps how to do it, so the common user can do 
>it. Obviously not every "common" man needs a cluster. 

In my case i am pitching the project of a big cluster to our University here in 
Honduras to run some kinds of apps we have, like a Trade Exchange Market 
Simulation written in Python we have about two years developing which we plan 
to run distributed across the cluster.

Since I cannot attend that seminar, i will be expecting for at least the 
presentation to be posted.

Gerardo Paredes
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