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> Amm ... could you share it with us?
> Please, please, please???
> :D

In basic (not in BASIC) it consists the same commands that Warren
posted. It's a simple two line script without significant error
checking, and of course coded in an ugly way (as it is used to scare
people off the command line):

[ $# != 0 ] && ( zcat `man -w [EMAIL PROTECTED] | groff -Tps -dpaper=a4 -P-pa4 
-mandoc | ps2pdf - /tmp/man.pdf && gv /tmp/man.pdf && rm /tmp/man.pdf )

By the way, it's called ~/bin/pdfman here now, because man2pdf
would suggest that it takes a manpage as input and gives a PDF
file as output, but it doesn't - it's used just like man, but
produces and displays (!) the manpage file right away, giving
the user the choice to view and / or to print it (from within
the viewer); I chose gv, but you can use xpdf, KDE's or Gnome's
default PDF viewer or the thing from Acrobat, if you like.
Afterwards, the PDF file, stored temporarily, is deleted.

One of its disadvantages is that you cannot search within the PDF
file such as you can from within man's default pager less, using
the / key.

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