On Thursday 23 October 2008 1:33:48 am Polytropon wrote:
> On Thu, 23 Oct 2008 01:14:10 -0200, Gonzalo Nemmi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Amm ... could you share it with us?
> > Please, please, please???
> >
> > :D
> In basic (not in BASIC) it consists the same commands that Warren
> posted. It's a simple two line script without significant error
> checking, and of course coded in an ugly way (as it is used to scare
> people off the command line):
> #!/bin/sh
> [ $# != 0 ] && ( zcat `man -w [EMAIL PROTECTED] | groff -Tps -dpaper=a4 
> -P-pa4 -mandoc |
> ps2pdf - /tmp/man.pdf && gv /tmp/man.pdf && rm /tmp/man.pdf )
> By the way, it's called ~/bin/pdfman here now, because man2pdf
> would suggest that it takes a manpage as input and gives a PDF
> file as output, but it doesn't - it's used just like man, but
> produces and displays (!) the manpage file right away, giving
> the user the choice to view and / or to print it (from within
> the viewer); I chose gv, but you can use xpdf, KDE's or Gnome's
> default PDF viewer or the thing from Acrobat, if you like.
> Afterwards, the PDF file, stored temporarily, is deleted.
> One of its disadvantages is that you cannot search within the PDF
> file such as you can from within man's default pager less, using
> the / key.

Your rule too :D
Will try to make a perl version of it (just for fun and because I like perl a 
lot .. hate me if you so desire .. I know I desereve it :) )  and post it as 
soon as it works ok :)
Thanks a lot for your support Polytropon :)

PS: now we have pdf man pages in A4 format :D :D :D

Best regards
Gonzalo Nemmi
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