On Thu, 23 Oct 2008 19:37:56 +1100 (EST), Ian Smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Polytropon: thanks for pdfman script - but does 'pdfman ipfw' work for 
> you?  Here the 'overprinting' is misaligned in gv, while others are ok.

Yes, but it outputs an error message:

        <standard input>:2620: warning [p 25, 6.2i]: cannot adjust line

The PDF file is 26 pages long. Maybe another PDF viewer will work
better (xpdf)?

> Well, a quarter of the people on this planet live in China, so by your 
> theory shouldn't the FreeBSD lists, docs and code all be in Chinese?

Let me follow this Micky Mouse Logic. :-) Because the computer has
been invented by a German, all computer stuff should be in the
german language. And now all the Americans can feel how the average
german computer user feels today: scared by all the things he doesn't
understand. :-)

> What actually works and is adopted in the real world determines that.

Nota bene:

The worst solution always prevails.

People want cheap, they get cheap.

Insert bunch of Murphy's laws here.


> Ask yourself: how come the world uses TCP/IP for internet communications 
> rather than the OSI X.200-X.219 suite?  How come we're still using SMTP 
> plus a pile of RFCs to deliver email rather than the X.400-X.420 suite?

Having worked with the AX.25 protocol (on amateur radio), sometimes
I tend to thing... oh what a crap is TCP/IP... :-)

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