Valentin Bud wrote:
what do you know about this site:
i don't remember where i have read that America is going to apply the SI
(ess eye)
unit system.
so things are going to change maybe even the A4 papersize.

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The Metric System has been a legal measure in the United States since the 1860's.

There is nothing to stop anybody legally from using it.

In many places in the country both are used. Tue US Military uses Metric. The film and Video industry for example. Here in Hawaii the population is very diverse and most people have come from Metric countries. If you have to ever work on maintaining equipment, mechanical or electronic, here in the US, both tool sizes are a must. I had to replace a storage battery yesterday on a clients Japanese Fork Lift and the fasteners were all metric except for one battery terminal clamp.

I think the choice by locale for FreeBSD is an excellent solution.

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