David Christensen wrote:

> devel/glib20 and gio-fam-backend seemed to go okay.  I think I got
> further into firefox3, but it failed:

checking for cairo >= 1.6.0 freetype2 fontconfig... Requested 'cairo >=
1.6.0' but version of cairo is 1.4.10

This is telling you the cairo you have installed is old and needs to be
updated, probably freetype2 and fontconfig as well. Essentially you have
out of date dependencies, with the most common reason for this is having
installed packages straight from the release ISOs and subsequently not
upgrading them.

Many old time FreeBSD'ers only install the system from the ISO, update their
ports tree, and then install software. This ensures everything is current
and all dependencies are tracked. What you have is a jumble of outdated
dependencies which require updating.

>      configure: error: Library requirements (cairo >= 1.6.0 freetype2
> fontconfig) not met
> What's next?

You can update things manually one or two at a time[1], as you did for the
glib20 port. Or you can automate the process. I use portupgrade for this.
Now portupgrade has it's own learning curve, but it can make it easier to
keep large numbers of ports all up to date.

You probably need to learn a little more about how the ports system works.
Once you have a more in depth understanding of how to install and maintain
software on a FreeBSD system you won't see this kind of situation again. So
rather than fixate on just bouncing from dependency to dependency, ad
infinitum ad nauseum, try going back and reading up on this subject some
more until you understand the process.


[1] Like you did with glib20: make && make deinstall && make reinstall

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