Jerry McAllister wrote:

Basically, you are wrong, because you haven't looked far enough in to
things to know that FreeBSD has done it that way from the beginning
(or almost that far back).    I have never done a complete install from
a CD or DVD, but just acquired the first disk, booted the install program and then done the install over the net. I've been doing that for more than 10 years and am far from being an early adopter. Others have
done so much longer.

But, some people are [still] not in the positition to be able to do installs over the net. Their service is inadequate or, in some
cases they are not even connected, so the whole system is made available
to them on disk as well.

Actually, I believe, if you are doing just the FreeBSD install, and
not at the same time installing some of the ports, it is still layed
out to need only the first CD even if you are not installing over the net. But, I haven't checked recent versions. The other CDs contain the sources for various ports and some special case things.
One option is to just burn and install using the minimum install option when the installer asks you. You could burn the very small minimum cd, such as and then do a net install afterwards as well. This is a very quick install, then you just pkg_add what you need, use sysinstall to add man pages and other pieces you want later. This has been my method for at least 5-6 years.

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