2008/10/27 Mauricio López <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> I'm starting my first steps in FreeBSD, with some experience in Debian
> GNU/Linux. I also live in Cuba, a third world country with very low
> bandwidth and I'm very interested in having access to the ported
> software available for FreeBSD. For now I managed to get the 3 CDs of
> the 7.0 RELEASE and install it.
> My question is: what would you recommend to someone who wants to have
> the software available offline and perhaps update it monthly? Can I
> download and burn in DVDs the entire ports and package collection?
> Regards
> Mauricio López
If you have a dail-up connection, you can use the "make
fetch-recursive" command. This will do nothing but fetch the port you
desire, with all it's depenedencies.  You can then disconnect your
internet connection and start building the ports offline. If you use
portupgrade, you can specify the -F flag.
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