pwn wrote:
>>> on this page
>>> it says:
>>> Tip: By default, when you build a custom kernel, all kernel modules will
>>> be rebuilt as well. If you want to update a kernel faster or to build
>>> only custom modules, you should edit /etc/make.conf before starting to
>>> build the kernel:
>> It would take more time to edit /etc/make.conf than you would
>> save in the kernel build.    If you are doing lots of kernel
>> builds while doing development, maybe then this would be worthwhile,
>> but kernel builds do not take enough time on modern machines to
>> bother speeding them up trivial amounts.   Basically, this is
>> saying you can fix things up so that it only builds those modules
>> that you are changing when you do a rebuild and skips the others.
>> This is not relevant to general system performance, just kernel
>> builds.
> i got it =), although, imho kernel builds always affect system
> performance.(maybe not in general)
> i was just asking myself a away for simplify at extreme this tasks that
> sometime can take many time, i guess after configure FreeBSD on a
> machine i should copy some configuration files like, /etc/make.conf and
> a custom kernel in attempt to avoid repetitive tasks.

Note the docs are a little out of date wrt to 7.x and newer. While the
make.conf will still be used by gcc when building ports software(s), for
the system/kernel/modules this functionality has been moved
to /etc/src.conf. Reading man src.conf will explain the details.


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