> From: Bruce Cran <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Sent: Monday, November 17, 2008 8:35:02 AM

> Could you point out some of those strange-but-trendy features?  I tried
> Ubuntu for a while on my laptop and it more or less Just Works.  It
> boots up quickly, detects all my devices, has accelerated 3D etc.
> Now I did move back to FreeBSD because I had problems with its
> autodetection system - in particular the graphics card wasn't
> configured properly. But that's a problem with Ubuntu specifically, and
> I could just as easily have switched to Debian or Gentoo where more
> manual configuration is required - just like in FreeBSD.  One of the
> strengths of Linux is that if you find one of the new trendy features
> doesn't work, you can generally just build a new kernel - without
> including it. 

Unfortunately, the inability to be able to include the feature / improvement is 
also a negative factor.

> If it's user-space you don't like - well, that's a
> problem with the distribution, not linux itself.

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