In the last episode (Feb 20), Will Saxon said:
> From: Dan Nelson [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> > You first need to determine what is being overloaded.  Run top.  Is
> > ntop running at 100% cpu?  If so, you'll need a faster machine.  If
> > it's close to 100%, bumping debug.bpf_bufsize might help.  What are
> > the user/system/irq CPU percentages while ntop is running?
> It's pretty close to 100% all the time. I guess I am overestimating
> the horsepower of this machine.
> Oddly enough, while ntop itself claims to be using 80-95% of the cpu,
> the user/system/irq generally does not add up to 100%. In fact, user
> is generally 15-20%, system is 20-50%, irq is <10% and idle is >35%
> all the time.

That's consistent with a dual-CPU box.  The CPU states are for the
system as a whole, but the CPU usages in the process listing are
per-process.  A single CPU-heavy process will cause its process line to
hit 100% CPU, but that will only force the User percentage to 50%,
since there is antoher CPU sitting idle.

        Dan Nelson

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