On 11 dec 2008, at 12:28, Wojciech Puchar wrote:

The possibility here is the bells and whistles strangely enough DO work
in tune and without sore lips... FreeBSD could be THAT good.

in bells and whistles windows is best. for those who require it paying a bit for windows is not a problem.

Those who need to do actual work, we have FreeBSD for example

that's the most narrow minded post i've seen here since i'm on this group As if the only work that can be considered real work is the work you do...

The reason why I CAN'T do any serious work on FreeBSD is because it lacks
the NVidia drivers (i'm in the film/commercial industry).
I've tried to maintain a FreeBSD server among all the linux workstations
but gave up because it's too much trouble, just for one OS...

I've had a chat with some developers for the software I use in the past
about what they thought about supporting FreeBSD (Autodesk discreet).
And all they could say is it'll never be supported because of the lack of drivers.

So.. if I need to do actual work, I can use anything BUT FreeBSD...


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