Has anyone gotten GNUstep applications (beside Windowmaker) to work?
I'm trying to get GNUMail to work and it doesn't in many ways.

The first way is that "openapp" isn't in the path, so I have to use
the entire path at the command line.

The second way is that GNUSTEP_SYSTEM_ROOT has to be defined in the
environment or openapp doesn't find GNUMail.app.

The third way is that after doing all the above implies to get GNUMail
to run, it segfaults.

I have rebuilt GNUstep and GNUMail twice already. There doen't seem to
be any problem compiling and installing any ot this system, however, I
didn't sit and watch the whole process either.

So far, I've found no help for these issues on the GNUStep or GNUMail

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