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> I am sure it is a common question, but I can't find the answer: 
> - how can I save my defined settings when building a port ? 
> Putting them in /etc/make.conf does not seem to work. 
> For exemple, if I want to build imapd with drac support, I go "make 
> WITH_DRAC=yes install", but I would love to go like "make install", putting 
> WITH_DRAC=yes in some configuration file somewhere so I don't have to write 
> nor remember it all the time (especially when upgrading). 
> Is that even possible ? 

Use portupgrade, from the ports tree. Then you can do "portupgrade
imapd" to update it, and it'll look in $(PREFIX)/etc/pkgtools.conf to
see what settings you want to use.

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